A very different wedding venue.

Every sport plays each year during a “season” so what happens at their grounds and stadia when the season is over and the players are taking a break or on an Overseas Tour? Staff still have to be paid and the facilities cannot stand empty and unproductive for months on end. All of the grounds have director’s boxes, banqueting suites and restaurants and are ideal venues for events and conferences.

Football grounds, Rugby clubs Tennis and Golf clubs all offer a very different and exciting place to hold any type of get together. If you are getting married and want somewhere unique for your wedding venue in Gloucester Kingsholm is for you! A sports club venue like this will certainly get your guests talking and make your wedding reception very different, click here for more information.

One of our favourite sports is Rugby Football which, it is believed was first played in English villages up and down the country. There are stories that villagers played against villagers and the aim of the game was to get the ball passed the opposing village boundary line. The rules included kicking, punching, scratching the opposition over and above the running with the ball and kicking of the ball.

While it is true that such games as Rugby did exist for centuries, there may be a kernel of truth to the William Webb Ellis legend that a football match was being played when Web Ellis picked up the ball and created Rugby. As far as most historians can tell, the earliest form of football with much similarity to rugby as we know it today, did originate at Rugby School around Ellis’s time. Whether he was the actual creator of the game or the game simply evolved into something like the modern game during his time is still a point for debate.

Most probable is the slightly different version of the legend that the English Rugby Union relates. According to the English Rugby Union, the type of football played at Rugby School in Ellis’s time was not soccer, but a game with a mixture of both soccer and rugby rules. Handling the ball was prohibited unless the ball was airborne, when the player was permitted to catch it. After catching the ball he would stand still, as did all the other players, and had the option of kicking it wherever he chose, or placing it on the ground and kicking for goal.

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