How about a Wedding in a Rugby Stadium?

If you are now engaged and have fixed the date for your wedding it’s time for you decide on your wedding venue, here are a few factors to consider which will help you choose the perfect location for your wedding.Firstly you will need to decide whether you are having a church ceremony followed by a reception or if you would like a civil ceremony and reception, which is most commonly held at the same location. Once you have decided on this you can consider the range of wedding venues that meet your criteria.

One of the most crucial things to consider is how many guests you will be inviting – this will allow you to book a venue big enough to accommodate your guest list. Although you will not need to know exact numbers at the planning stage, having a rough idea to the nearest 10 will enable you to shortlist the perfect wedding venue in Gloucester.

Another consideration is the type of reception you wish to hold i.e. do you want guests to have a sit down meal or buffet? Venues may be able to cater for larger numbers if you are having a buffet as opposed to a more formal sit down meal.

Most weddings will feature entertainment at some point and you will need to check with your shortlisted wedding venue as to whether or not they can accommodate live bands, DJs or a dance floor.

Aside from the planning considerations you will also need to think about what type of venue you want. There are many wedding venues to choose from including historic venues, hotels, sports and social clubs or restaurants so please click here to discover a very different wedding venue.

Kingsholm Rugby Club is the premier wedding venue in Gloucester has to offer.It has a great reputation for outstanding service and importantly, no problems with parking for your guests.
Logistics will play an important part if you want your big day to go without a hitch so it is worthwhile considering a wedding venue such as this, which will be easy for your guests to get to.

Wedding planning can cause plenty of headaches but by doing your research, visiting your shortlisted venues in advance and asking plenty of questions you can ease some of the tension associated with choosing wedding venues and ensure your big day is every bit as perfect as you hoped.

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