Can somebody please explain exactly how summer can disappear overnight? Last Sunday I was happily reading the papers in the garden, enjoying the warm sunshine and thinking that the summer of 2013 hadn’t been too bad after all. On Monday morning I woke up to a horrible drizzly morning…autumn had arrived! What happened overnight and why did I need a warm sweater and an umbrella before I could leave the house? It’s not on you know.

Everything changes suddenly at this time of year doesn’t it? Especially as far as sports are concerned. The new football season begins, the rugby season started last week, we are almost at the end of Formula One Grand Prix racing, horse racing on the flat will soon give way to the National Hunt, and cricket will be going to Australia. Before we know it Christmas will be with us, I know this for certain because Selfridges opened their Christmas shop last month…yes that is right, in August!

A colleague of mine, who shall remain nameless, returned from his summer holiday on Monday; over a “catch up on all the office gossip” coffee, asked the immortal question ”I wonder where the company Christmas “do” will be this year?” This of course was met with various ribald replies, none of which are repeatable here. I am the fortunate member of staff who this year, has the responsibility of organising the Christmas “do”.

A very earnest conversation began to take place. The one thing we all agreed upon was that we wanted a Christmas party venue in Gloucester like no other. We spent very little time in debating where we should book, and book quickly; the obvious choice, we all agreed, was Kingsholm Stadium, home to Gloucester Rugby Club. It’s the perfect venue for a party, meeting or a conference; great facilities, huge function rooms, fantastic food and service and to top it all a tour of the stadium…what more could you want?

So there you have it, one day I am sitting in the sun the next I am planning a Christmas function! I said things change and move on quickly didn’t I? Now all I have to do is decide who will be Santa this year – I am not exactly overwhelmed with offers after last year’s disaster…but that’s another story!

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