So, you have been given the job of organising a prom – now the fun really starts! Finding just the right place is probably the most important part of the prom planning process. Options for prom sites ought to take account of such aspects as your budget, the number of attendees as well as your local venue choices. You also should consider whether you intend to offer a meal at the prom venue. The location’s facilities will certainly be a deciding element in this case.

When looking for a prom venue Gloucester such as ours, to make things easier for you as the organiser, we would suggest that you make a list of all your needs and requirements before you evaluate your alternatives. The times are long gone when proms were held in the school gymnasium. Proms today are often held in exactly the same places as wedding receptions: banquet halls or large areas in restaurants, even well know sports stadia such as ours!

Always remember during your search that not all senior school students drive, meaning parents might be providing the method of travel. Because of this, you don’t want to plan for your prom to be too distant, since the parents will not want to drive very far. It’s easy to understand in smaller areas that appropriate prom venues would be outside of the city limits, but they must nevertheless be within thirty minutes of the school.

Hotels have become the most well-liked of all senior school prom locations. A hotel provides the majority of the things which you need for a prom, which of course includes a ballroom and full catering.

But sporting venues like ours offer many of the amenities a hotel provides with the added benefits of being far away from the city as well as generally having a much better parking setting for the great number of limousines which will be carrying partners to the prom. Sports club prom locations could likewise host outdoor proms, something which works well on warm dry evenings – if we are lucky enough to get them! You could use various themes in a Sports club location which are just not available in a hotel. If you are looking for very different prom venues Gloucester is fine place to begin your search.

Prom night is among the most looked forward occasions. Prom night ought to be a memory with friends celebrating and enjoying the years together. Click here for more information to help you plan the perfect prom.

This special event must be enjoyable and memorable that only the ideal prom dresses, venue, as well as activities, can provide.

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