Oh no! Not another meeting?

“We are having a meeting.” How do you feel when you hear those words? I know that my immediate reaction is “Please let the meeting rooms be huge, fully equipped, with lots of natural light, windows that open wide and comfortable chairs.” It’s not too much to ask is it? Well, the best laid plans and all that, here we are sitting in a meeting room for a whole day. The sun is out; we know that because we can see the light on the brick wall opposite the window. The room is getting hotter and hotter; still, at least we can open the window for a whole two inches! This is not the most conducive atmosphere for a daylong meeting. When we take a break the only place to take a walk is along the corridor or a stroll around the underground car park.

Meetings don’t have to be like this surely. How good it would be to go somewhere interesting, different with a decent view from the window, air conditioning and access to outdoor space during breaks. During a meeting I want to feel comfortable and relaxed not gasping for air!

There are so many venues that offer great meeting rooms such as stately homes, sport stadia, boats and castles the list is endless

One of the best meetings I have attended was at a rugby stadium that had meeting rooms in Gloucester. They were beautifully equipped with great big windows overlooking the pitch and what made the whole meeting exceptional was that we had a guided tour of the whole stadium; the trophy room in particular was absolutely amazing. Look here for more information. My colleagues are still talking about it and not only the fans of rugby. Having a company meeting somewhere like this made the whole day memorable and what more can any company ask?

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