As part of our marketing efforts we review, on a monthly basis our website traffic to see how many visitors we get and what pages they look at when onsite.

It came as no surprise to us, that this year from about the summertime on-wards  over 30% of you are looking at our site on some kind of mobile device, whether its an iPad or mobile phone. So with this in mind and to try and make it easier for you when you’re on a smaller screen we have just launched our mobile website.

In considering what to deliver through this new site, we decided that if you were researching for a conference venue in Gloucester or a Prom Venue the likely hood is that you will do that on a slightly bigger screen so that you can view photos and easily download PDFs etc of the items you are interested in. On a mobile device you were likely to be looking for either directions, or a phone number you can quickly call for instant help.

So that’s what we have done. Our mobile site (which by the way is purely for phones as we think our site works quite well on an iPad)  once launched will give you two quick options ‘find us’ and ‘call us’ for those people that simply want directions or to speak to us. The other options are the services we provide, just in case you do want to have a quick read.

We’d be really interested to know what you think and if we’ve missed anything from the site that you would like to see ‘on the move’ – after all its you we have built it for so if we are short of the mark please do let us know.

We look forward to seeing you at Kingsholm very soon, with or without mobile device!

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