Well that’s it, the sun has gone in, it looks as if we have had our summer and we will be moving seamlessly into autumn in a blink of an eye, mists of mellow fruitfulness and all that. But of course we have Christmas to look forward to! and we may as well start planning now –it’s never too soon you know. I’m surprised the supermarkets aren’t displaying their selection of Christmas goodies already – bah humbug!

Despite all of this I really love Christmas it’s a way of, ending the year on a positive note, organising parties, getting your friends, or staff and clients together to say thanks for a good year.

Christmas parties have a way of becoming part of any company’s history haven’t they? Even now you are remembering Christmas parties that you have attended in the past aren’t you? Everything went well did it? No fights, no feuds settled, no one had a little too much to drink, no one upset anyone, there were no catty remarks about outfits worn, and no one making an exhibition of themselves on the dance floor. Must have been a bit quiet then!

The best Christmas party I have ever attended was at a Christmas party venue in Gloucester; it was at a sports stadium and the beautiful room was stunningly decorated, with the biggest Christmas tree I had ever seen. There were views of Kingsholm pitch in one direction and Gloucester Cathedral in the other. Both the Cathedral and the pitch were flood lit and  it made the whole event very special indeed, put that together with outstanding food and service, a great band, good company and lots of laughter and you had a perfect Christmas celebration that everyone still talks about. Read here for more information

So whatever you may think now, Christmas is coming and there is nothing you can do about except for some forward planning that is, places like the venue in Gloucester get booked up very quickly. Bingle Jells!!!!

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