Gloucester for a Civil Wedding

There are several things that you should think about while deciding on the right wedding venue for you and your partner. First, brides and grooms will need to decide whether they are having a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony. This will affect the decision of what venue to choose, because a religious ceremony will generally be held in a church of the denomination of the couple’s preference. Most guests will not want to travel far from the ceremony site to reach the reception, so choosing a site close at hand will help your guests get from the ceremony to the reception. Also some of your guests will not want to drive after the reception, so finding a place that has hotels or other accommodation available to guests is important!

Second, all couples will need to decide how far they themselves want to travel for their wedding. Traditionally, weddings were held near the bride’s house. This was to ensure that the bride’s family would be able to attend the wedding. However, with travel becoming easier and more convenient, many couples are looking to hold their wedding in a unique and unusual location like ours at our wedding venue in Gloucester.

When couples have decided to have to go down the civil wedding route the selection of venue will depend on venues that are licensed for civil weddings, these can vary from stately home, medieval mansions, boats, castles or even famous sports stadia like ours. We are able to give our bridal couples far greater flexibility in that we have differing sizes of function rooms, parking facilities and close proximity to transport. When you are looking for a venue for your civil wedding in Gloucester

Why not give us a call to arrange a meeting with our wedding planner who will give you a tour of the stadium and answer any questions you may have to help you plan your wedding.

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