Dancer, organiser or flirt …. which one are you?

A recent survey in the press found that there are ten characters at every staff Christmas party – and the ‘Kisser’ is the least popular of them all, according to new research. Faces at work Christmas parties may change but the 10 personality types – including the Flirt, Bigmouth, Weeper and Limpet – are always in attendance. Every one of the millions of British office Christmas parties will follow an almost identical pattern, and each one will feature their very own characters, said the study.  Seven out of ten of those asked said the Christmas Kisser is the biggest nuisance.

The Organiser.
This is usually the first one you will come across. They will have a list of everything (including other lists) and have arranged the staff party with military precision. It doesn’t matter if you have just ordered a full round of drinks for you and your colleagues, if The Organiser says it is time to move on what do you do? Well, you move on. No argument, you shuffle in to eat and leave your drinks behind, you can’t take them with you because The Organiser has arranged special Christmas cocktails to be served. Don’t like cocktails? Tough.

If The Organiser has chosen to hang mistletoe in the room the next character lying in wait for you is The Kisser.

The Christmas Kisser
It’s that person who just won’t take no for an answer and is determined to kiss every single person at the event. Seven out of every 10 of those asked said the Christmas Kisser is the biggest nuisance. They’re the least popular person at every Christmas party.

The Flirt  
If you get entangled with the combination of the Christmas Kisser and The Flirt you are in deep, deep trouble. You have had your suspicions about this staff member all year and, as the Christmas party celebrations start to unfold, they confirm your worst fears – you become the target of their advances for the rest of the evening.
They start off the night pleasantly enough – offering to buy you a drink – but then they suddenly change, ignoring every other member of staff and focus their attention solely on you, sit uncomfortably close and discourage the approach of anyone else.

The Dancer
Always at least a decade past their prime, The Dancer will show all manner of “old-school” moves at the office party, following years of secret attendance at their local community centre’s disco-dancing classes. I’ll bet you’ve never ever seen anyone under the age of 25 attempting John Travolta strut before. This staff member will just not leave the dance floor – tonight it is their big night and the groups of open-mouthed colleagues sitting in full view of the dance floor are their greatest audience.

These yearly occasions can be looked forward to with trepidation but if you have booked a Christmas party venue in Gloucester you will have the consolation of being somewhere with fantastic facilities, wonderful food and plenty of space to avoid any of the above characters!


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