The Crypt School Club Annual Dinner

We are proud to announce that Kingsholm Venues has been chosen by the Old Cryptians Club as the venue for the following:

113th Old Cryptians’ Club Annual Dinner – 29th March 2014

The Crypt School is the oldest school in Gloucester – founded in 1539. This year it is the 475th Anniversary of the school’s founding. The Old Cryptians Club was founded in 1901. The Club is open to all former pupils and members of staff of the Crypt School.

The annual dinner is open to Club members and non-members alike – provided they are ex-pupils or teaching staff of the school. Gloucester Rugby President Eric Stephens is an Old Cryptian, as are fellow Gloucester Rugby Legends, Peter Butler and Dick Smith.
A book celebrating 475 years of the Crypt School will be launch at the dinner and copies will be available for purchase on the night.

We wish to welcome as many diners as possible to the annual dinner.

Invitations and booking forms can be downloaded at:

Or e mail for more information.

The closing date for bookings is 8th March 2014

The cost of the meal is £25 for Old Cryptian Club Members and £30 for non-members.

Interesting details about the Crypt School.

The Crypt School is a grammar school with academy status for boys with a mixed Sixth Form located in the city of Gloucester. The school was founded in 1539 by Joan Cooke with money inherited from her husband John.

The original school was part of St Mary de Crypt Church in Southgate Street and the schoolroom can still be seen there. Later, in 1889, the school moved to Greyfriars, known better as Friar’s Orchard, and in 1943, to its present site at Podsmead. The site on which the modern school is situated is land given to the school by Joan Cooke in 1539. Despite attempts to change the school, notably in the 1960s with the move to comprehensive schools, the Crypt remains a selective boys grammar school. Since April 2011, the school has been an academy independent of local authority control.

The founder, John Cooke (d. 1528) was a wealthy brewer and mercer of Gloucester, one of the City’s earliest aldermen, serving as sheriff in 1494 and 1498. He held the office of mayor four times, in 1501, 1507, 1512 and 1518. He was a great benefactor of the City. His will started the process in motion for the establishment of a grammar school in Gloucester, and the scheme was finally given effect by his wife Joan who survived him by 17 years, dying in 1545. It was Joan therefore who created the tripartite deed of 1539, deemed to be the founding charter. The school remains today the most ancient in Gloucester. A full account of the couple and their good works is contained within the book by Roland Austin published in 1939 “Crypt School”. A contemporaneous portrait of the pair, John in his mayoral robe, shaking hands in union, is held within the collection of Gloucester City Council

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