The office Christmas party is one of the best events of the year. Of course, no Christmas party should ever be without the basic rules set in place, otherwise who knows what could happen? Don’t forget that office parties are notorious for “shenanigans”, someone spilling secrets that they shouldn’t be. You have booked the best Christmas party venue in Gloucester and now you’re in the process of getting down to the details of the company party. For a successful and peaceful celebration you may want to keep these tips in mind…

1)  Make Sure Partners are invited.

Christmas parties are temptation in every way. If you want to replace your blood with alcohol, your choice, ‘it’s Christmas’, if you fancy eating your own weight in finger foods, your choice, it’s Christmas’ and if you’ve finally plucked up the courage to tell “that”person in the office how you feel and it doesn’t go well, it’ll all be forgotten about in January because: ‘I was drunk and it was Christmas…’

To keep things on an even keel invite partners along to the party this year. “When the cat’s away, the mice will play…if the cat’s around, the mouse stays sound” as they say. You’ll have no regrets the following morning!

2)  Eat before you go out drinking.

Try to organise a meal out before everyone hits the bar. If your office party is a genuine party in the office then arrange for some catering; no one likes to come back to work in January to stains on the carpet because someone forgot to eat before they over indulged. The same goes if you have booked on offsite venue; one member of staff too drunk to even stand will always ruin the night.

3)  Keep secret Santa an actual secret.

Secret Santa is the usual choice for most offices because it saves staff the job of buying a present for everyone. Everyone always tries to work out who bought what, so this year just make a pact with everyone in the office that secret Santa has  to stay a secret! SHHHHH!

So have a great party everyone, and don’t forget to control yourselves!

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